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Exercise and Mental Health: How Do They Correlate?

11 hours ago

This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show (July 9, 2018); no calls will be taken.

For years, scientists and researchers have been extolling the benefits of exercise to our physical well being. Now they are discovering the positive impacts physical activity has on mental health. We’ll discuss ways to get more exercise into your life and how it can help you feel better – both physically and psychologically.


Guests:  Scott Douglas, contributing editor for Runner’s World.  He’s also been the editor of Running Times and Runner’s World news channel.  He’s the author of eight books.  His most recent is Running is My Therapy.

Glenn Stevenson is associate professor of psychology and program coordinator for neuroscience at the University of New England.  His expertise includes how exercise duration and frequency can impact biological markers associated with mood. His research expertise is in the areas of exercise-pain-cognition interaction, pharmacology, and neuroscience.

Kate Foley is the fitness manager at OceanView at Falmouth. Kate has worked in cardiac rehabilitation at both York Hospital and Maine Medical Center and has worked at Maine Medical Partners Cardiology. She has also coached middle school, high school and college sports and enjoys swimming, running and yoga.


"The Future of Work: Robots, AI, and Automation"

Aug 15, 2018

Political scientist and cultural observer Darrell West discusses his new book about why society needs to rethink the concept of jobs and prepare for an era of economic dislocation.

Colin Woodard: Understanding America's Divisions

Aug 14, 2018

Colin Woodard joins us to discuss his recent New York Times column that explains that the key differences among American voters can be tied to regional cultures tracing back to the nation’s colonization.

Gardening: Tips for Your Late-Summer Garden

Aug 13, 2018

Our gardening experts return to answer your weeding, pruning and picking questions.

Food for Thought: Maine's Role as a Food Center

Aug 10, 2018

Our culinary experts return to talk about seasonal ingredients, fermenting and pickling, the accolades coming in for Maine's food scene—and answer your food and cooking questions.

There are interesting spots all across the state to visit and learn about history. We’ll learn about these historic sites and destinations, what you can learn — and why they matter.

Maine's lobster fishery is vital to our economy. We’ll learn about the status of the lobster population, effects of climate change, potential impacts of tariffs, the role of the lobsterman, and the outlook for the future of the industry.

What happens when a family gets evicted from its home? What recourse is possible? And what rights do landlords have when tenants don’t pay the rent?

The mounting environmental crises American faces, including droughts, floods, hurricanes and coastal erosion, are profoundly connected and are affecting the lives of citizens in every corner of the country. We’ll learn the latest on the multitude of environmental issues facing the nation and hear about some practical solutions.

Entomophagy: The Case For Eating Insects

Aug 3, 2018

This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show (June 13th); no calls will be taken.

The practice of eating bugs is quite common around the world, but still elicits skepticism — or disgust — here in our country. Yet most of us eat insects without realizing it. We’ll learn about why adding insects to our diet could be good for our health, and the health of our planet.

Maine Calling is not live today; no calls will be taken.

It's Super Thursday! We will listen back to excerpts from a few of our recent favorite Maine Calling episodes.

Gus Ruelas / AP Photo

The popularity of yoga continues to grow, and some tout the health benefits—for young and old—that can come from this physical, mental and spiritual practice.

The Month in Review: Analysis of July News in Maine

Jul 31, 2018

Our panel of Maine editorial page editors returns to discuss the news that made headlines in July.

Rabies in Maine: Prevention & Treatment

Jul 30, 2018
Anson Eaglin / USDA-APHIS/Flickr

There have been many reports of rabid animals in Maine recently. We’ll learn just what rabies is, whether it’s on the rise and what can be done to keep family — especially the four-legged variety — safe when outdoors.

Interest in the young adult literature genre is growing, appealing not only to young people ages 12-18, but adults as well. We’ll hear about some of the YA books out there, talk to Maine authors and learn about what makes this genre appealing to readers.