Mount Katahdin

MILLINOCKET, Maine - Officials say headlamps may have saved a father and son who got lost in whiteout conditions on Maine's tallest mountain.

Maine officials say the northern Maine state park that includes Mount Katahdin has a new director.

The Baxter State Park Authority announced on Thursday that Eben Sypitkowski has been named the new head of Baxter State Park, the home to the state's highest peak. Sypitkowski is currently the park's resource manager.

The state says Sypitkowski will direct about 60 year-round and seasonal employees who maintain the park, which is a major tourist attraction in northern Maine.

"Katahdin: The Mountain of the People" cover image Dobbs

Maine Public TV Air Time:
Wed., June 15 at 8:00 pm

Experience the glory of Mount Katahdin, Maine's most beloved and highest mountain. The beginning or the end of the Appalachian Trail. This video highlights the dedication of Percival Baxter as he strove to preserve the mountain and its surrounds. Narrated by Jack Perkins with original music by John Cooper.

Katahdin: The Mountain of the People is produced by Jeff Dobbs of Dobbs Productions.

MILLINOCKET, Maine - One of the most popular routes up Mount Katahdin will be relocated as the state deals with the ramifications of a 2013 rock slide.

The Portland Press Herald  reports the new trail to Katahdin's summit should be finished by fall of 2015. The rock slide sent car-sized boulders down Abol Trail, leaving the terrain unstable and forcing closure of the route. The $102,000 relocation job will take about 18 weeks next year.