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Elvers Price Highest Ever For Fishery

Robert F. Bukaty
AP Photo
In this March 24, 2012, file photo, a man holds elvers, young, translucent eels, in Portland, Maine.

The price of elvers in the first few days of the season, is being reported as the highest ever for the fishery.

Maine has the only significant fishery for the young eels, also called elvers, in the country. The Elver season started Thursday March 22, and the Maine Department of Marine Resources is reporting they're currently selling for just over $2,800 a pound.

The previous height was reported in 2015, at just under $2,200 a pound. Elvers are by far Maine's most valuable fishery by pound, but the elver catch is limited by a quota, so in absolute terms it's one of the least valuable in the state.

The season continues until June 7, or until the quota is met.

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