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Maine AG Files Civil Rights Complaint Against Portland Man Accused Of Assault, Using Homophobic Slur

Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey has filed a civil rights complaint against a Portland man for allegedly threatening and using violence against a lesbian woman in the Northgate Shopping Center in Portland July 3.

According to the complaint, 63-year-old Michael Roylos accused the victim of driving too fast in the parking lot and called her a homophobic slur as she parked her car near him. When the victim attempted to record Roylos with her cell phone, he allegedly seized her and began assaulting her as he continued to use the slur. The woman was able to free herself from his grasp and run away.

Frey says Roylos' threats and assaults have caused the victim to fear for her safety. The complaint requests the court to order that Roylos have no contact with the victim or her family and that he commit no future violations of the Maine Civil Rights Act.

“It is appalling and egregious that any person would engage in violence or threats of violence based on homophobia," Frey said in a written statement. "My office will not tolerate bias-motivated violence or threats of violence against members of the LBGTQ community.”