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Lewiston Dentist With History Of Complaints Fights Disciplinary Action From Maine Dental Board

An embattled Lewiston dentist and oral surgeon who has been the subject of dozens of complaints about patient health and safety is now fighting disciplinary action from the Maine Board of Dental Practice.

Dr. Jan Kippax filed a petition this week in Kennebec Superior Court asking that the reprimand against him be thrown out.

The Board issued the reprimand against Dr. Kippax in March for unprofessional conduct and incompetence.

The action stems from a complaint filed by a patient who sought treatment for a small bump that appeared on her lip. According to Board documents, Kippax told the patient the bump should be removed and would only require a few stitches. When Kippax handed her a mirror after the procedure, the patient alleges that she discovered that a quarter to a third of her lip was missing and broke down sobbing. She later went to the emergency room for swelling, where a worker allegedly asked the patient if she had been attacked by a dog.

In response, the dental board placed Kippax on probation, ordered continuing education, and issued a fine up to $6000.

But Kippax is now accusing the board of pursuing "a relentless course to tarnish his reputation."

In 2017, the Board temporarily suspended Kippax's license after receiving complaints from 18 patients. It cleared him of some of the allegations and dismissed the others.

In his petition to Kennebec Superior court, Kippax alleges that the Board is biased against him. He says they have wrongfully disciplined him, despite the conclusion of two experts that he met the standard of care when removing the bump on the patient's lip.