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Fewer Mosquitoes This Year in Maine, New Hampshire

By Patrick Whittle, The Associated Press

PORTLAND, Maine - Officials in Maine and New Hampshire say this has been a light year for the mosquitoes that often plague northern New England's hikers and beachgoers.

Vermont officials say their state was not as lucky.

Maine epidemiologist Siiri Bennett says the dry weather meant there weren't as many standing pools of water to serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

A spokesman for the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention says fewer pools in the state have tested positive for mosquito-borne diseases than last year.

The Maine CDC says a Maine resident developed West Nile virus symptoms after returning from travels to several mid-Atlantic states. It's unknown where the individual contracted the mosquito-borne illness.

A mosquito pool in York County tested positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis, another mosquito-borne virus, on Friday.