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Unusual Heat Expected To Linger in Maine Through Start Of This Week

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Robert F. Bukaty
Visitors wear masks to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2020, at Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Tourists have returned to the popular seaside town in a state that ranks one of the lowest in the nation in positive cases of coronavirus.

If you've been feeling like things are a bit hotter than usual in some parts of the state, you're not wrong.

Record high temperatures were recorded in at least one part of Maine — Augusta — on Sunday as part of a weather pattern more regularly seen later in the summer.

"These warm temperatures are certainly a little bit unusual, to get quite this warm this early in the year, but it's not fully unprecedented. But it's definitely kind of getting things going kind of early this year," says National Weather Service Meteorologist Justin Arnott

The Bermuda High Pressure System has been over the Western Atlantic, according to Arnott.

"It takes air from the warmer portions of the country and brings it up north into the Northeast, and so we've kind of been taking a taste of the South and bringing it up into New England the last couple of days," he says.

Maine should see the highs for this round of heat on Monday, with temperatures in the upper 80s to mid 90s. They will drop a few degrees on Tuesday, followed by a bit more relief later in the week after some midweek showers and thunderstorms.

Arnott says some of that hot and muggy air is contributing to a warning about poor air quality warning in some coastal counties. He says in temperatures like this, people should be sure their children and pets aren't left in the car.

"This kind of a stagnant, and hot, humid, air mass, it's another reason to just kind of take it easy, take breaks, and get yourself out of the sun as well. And take care of those that are maybe less able to take care of themselves when it's warm like this," he says.