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Maine-Based IDEXX Announces COVID-19 Test For Animals

The veterinary diagnostics and software company IDEXX is announcing a new COVID-19 test for pets, and it’s developing a testing kit for people, as well. It says that effort is in its early stage of development.

In a statement, the company — which is based in Westbrook — says it’s launching the test in response to customer demand, and “growing evidence that in rare cases pets living with COVID-19 positive humans can be at risk” themselves.

IDEXX president Jay Mazelsky says in the statement that there’s currently no evidence that dogs or cats play a role in transmitting the disease to humans. But he says veterinarians saw clinical evidence that some pets, especially cats and ferrets, can be at risk for the infection.

The company says it doesn’t expect the test for animals to have an impact on human COVID-19 test availability.