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City Approves Plan To Preserve Stephen And Tabitha King's Bangor Home

Robert F. Bukaty
Associated Press/file
This May 16, 2005, file photo shows the home of authors Stephen and Tabitha King in Bangor, Maine.

The Bangor City Council has approved Stephen and Tabitha King's plan to turn their home and another nearby house into a writers' retreat and archive.The city passed an ordinance this week allowing the famous residence to be preserved by the King family's non-profit foundation.

The new writers' retreat would be small, with a limit of only five writers at a time. It would also house an archive of King's work that could be seen by appointment.

City Councilor Laura Supica said at a meeting earlier this week that she supports the change and thinks it would add to the city's arts scene. "Bring people, bring money, bring culture, keep culture here in Bangor," Supica said. "I just wanted to remind that the arts add value."

Councilor Gibran Graham said he also supports the plan and thinks it demonstrates the family's connection to the city.

"To see them find a solution for - continue to have a tie here with the properties that are on West Broadway -- and not sell them, basically divest themselves, of those ties to Bangor, I think, is very admirable," Graham said.

Several neighbors of the property also signed a letter of support for the new zoning plan.

The Kings lived at the house in Bangor for decades, but now spend much of their time at other properties in Florida and western Maine.

Originally published 1:27 p.m. Oct. 18, 2019