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Language On Maine Driver's Licenses To Change After Confusion

The language is changing on Maine driver's licenses that do not comply with the federal Real ID Act.

As of July 1, 2019, Mainers have had the option of obtaining licenses and state ID cards that comply with the Federal Real ID Act, which requires more documentation than what was used previously. As required by federal law, these cards have to contain language indicating they do not comply.

“The initial language that we had on there was ‘Not for Real ID purposes,’” says Secretary of State spokesperson Kristen Muszynski.

Muszynski says some people who have tried to use these licenses for things like purchasing alcohol or for identification at the bank have had problems.

“The people who were accepting those credentials were looking at them and saying, ‘uh hold on, this has this disclaimer on it and I don't think it's...’ when in fact they are valid,” she says.

As of Friday, the disclaimer has been changed and now reads, "Not intended for federal purposes." which the Secretary of State's office hopes will be more clear. Licenses with the older language are still valid.

Beginning October 1, 2020, Real-ID compliant IDs will be required for domestic air travel or for access to secure federal facilities.