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Maine Astronaut Celebrates Thanksgiving 220 Miles Above The Earth

As families across the country tuck into roast turkey and stuffing, 220 miles overhead, Maine astronaut Jessica Meir and crewmates are having a freeze dried feast of their own.


"Cornbread dressing - this will be great," Meir says. "We can, maybe we can, stuff inside the turkey just to, maybe, make it like a real stuffing."




Meir is talking into a floating microphone, as she and her colleagues unpack shrink-wrapped turkey, canned cranberry sauce and dehydrated potatoes in a seasonal video shared on NASA's Instagram channel.


"I grew up in a family with five kids. And, as a first generation American, I guess my parents had to learn pretty quick how to put on a great Thanksgiving feast," Meir says.


Meir, who was born to Swedish a mother and an Iraqi-Israeli father, grew up in Caribou, Maine.


"I have a lot of fond memories of growing up and eating with all my siblings and having a great time," she says. "As I got older and lived in various places, Thanksgiving turned into an even broader extended family - I have adopted families all over the country, so I'll be thinking of everyone down on the ground celebrating together."


Meir and her two American crewmates unpacked a freeze-dried feast including cornbread stuffing, sweet potatoes, turkey, green beans, mac and cheese, and cranberry sauce. They plan to share the feast with their three international crewmates.