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UMaine System Plans For In-Person Classes In The Fall


The University of Maine System says it’s preparing to hold in-person classes this fall.

The university system, like others across the country, has moved to online learning for the spring and summer because of the spread of COVID-19. Chancellor Dannel Malloy says that the system will comply with any regulations put forth by the state.

“But no one should be confused about what our absolute desire is. And our desire is to be open to classroom learning,” he says.

Colleges around the country are considering whether to hold classes in the fall, with one California university already saying it will plan to begin its fall semester online.

Malloy says that the UMaine system plans to rely on guidance from both state agencies and scientific experts on its campuses, who he says are reviewing the literature on the virus. University officials say they may also potentially adjust the size of classes to limit very large gatherings.

University of Southern Maine President Glenn Cummings says one way to limit large gatherings could include combining in-person and remote learning.

“Everything’s on the table. We’re looking at all possible options to deliver both a level of feeling like they’re connected to the university, especially if they want face-to-face, and at the same time maximizing safety,” he says.