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Lobbyist Says His Testimony In Casino Hearing Was In Error

The Augusta lobbyist who testified on behalf an offshore investment firm run by a controversial casino developer now says he made a mistake.

Back in March, attorney Dan Riley told the Legislature’s Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee that he had been hired by Bridge Capital, an investment firm located in the Mariana Islands. Shawn Scott, who could benefit from a casino referendum set to appear before voters in November, is a partner in the firm.

Riley didn’t have a lot to say during the hearing, but his claim that he was hired by Bridge Capital touched off a series of actions that could yield a hefty fine against the heavily scrutinized casino campaign by the Maine Ethics Commission.

Riley now says his testimony was in error and that he was hired by Universal Capital Holdings LLC. In a letter to the VLA committee, Riley writes that he has no idea who runs Universal Capital Holdings.

Recent campaign finance disclosures show a web of domestic and offshore companies bankrolling the casino campaign. Universal Capital Holdings is not one of them.