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State Legislature Will Return For Fifth Day Of Special Session

The Maine Legislature will return for another day Tuesday after its slog through a pile of unfinished work came to a halt because of a disagreement over bonds.

The special session was supposed to last three days, but it's now moving into day five with several big issues still unresolved. Among them is a tax conformity proposal designed to better align Maine's tax code with recent changes made by the GOP Congress. Lawmakers also have yet to act on a big overhaul of the state's medical marijuana program.

Those votes were supposed to occur last week, but lawmakers continue to stumble over roughly $200 million in bond packages that received initial approval last week.

While a couple of those borrowing proposals advanced Monday, others didn't, forcing lawmakers to come back for yet another session day.

The special session was called to clean up work left unfinished in May.

It cost taxpayers over $114,000 for last week's three-day session, and another $42,000 for Monday's session. It will cost $36,000 for each subsequent day the Legislature holds session this week.

This story has been corrected to change the costs of the special session.