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Maine Governor Says Non-Citizens Shouldn't Get Right To Vote

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's Republican governor is slamming Portland's mayor for proposing to allow some non-citizens to vote in local elections.Gov. Paul LePage in a Wednesday address said he wrote Democratic Mayor Ethan Strimling a letter advising the idea violates state law.
The proposal would allow adult noncitizens who are legally present in the U.S., including asylum seekers and refugees, to vote in certain municipal elections.
The proposal faces multiple hurdles, including a citywide vote and approval from city councilors.
LePage has previously criticized the proposal, which is in committee. Strimling didn't immediately respond to request for comment.
The Portland Press Herald reports that the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine and the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project say the proposal could create unintended consequences, like creating a voter file for noncitizens.