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King Calls Trump's Comments On Foreign Election Interference 'Outrageous'

U.S. Senator Angus King has joined the chorus of lawmakers from both parties who are critical of President Trump’s comments that he would take information from a foreign power to help his election and not tell the FBI about it.

“Basically is saying that if somebody from a foreign country, even if it is an adversary, wants to give me some information, 'hey, I’ll take it and I am not going to call the FBI,' that’s outrageous,” says King.

Trump made the comments in an appearance with ABC News. On MSNBC, King called Trump’s comments outrageous and contrary to the long held position of most Americans that foreigners should stay out of U.S. elections.

“What the President said last night was beyond astounding, an absolute fundamental bedrock of the founding of this country was a profound fear and suspicion and unease with foreign interference with our elections,” King says.