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Angus King Criticizes Trump’s Decision To Pull Troops From Syria

Independent U.S. Sen. Angus King of Maine is criticizing President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Northern Syria to allow Turkish forces to occupy that area.

King says the Turks have long considered the Kurds in the region a threat, while the Kurds have worked with the United States against Isis and Syrian forces.

“Who in the hell is ever going to come to our aid again if this is the way we treat our allies? It’s a dumb decision strategically because it creates a situation where no one will want to take a risk on our behalf,” he says.

King says the Trump made the decision to pull U.S. troops after speaking with the Turkish president, but without conferring with key U.S. military officials. He says he’s concerned that the Turkish military will attack the Kurds and that Congress should consider sanctions against Turkey if that happens.

“The first problem is the decision was made impulsively and the only person the president seems to have talked to is the dictator of Turkey,” he says.

In a statement, Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine calls the president’s decision “unwise.”