Activists Take To Portland Streets To Protest Grand Jury Decision In Breonna Taylor's Killing

Sep 24, 2020

Black Lives Matter protesters in Maine's largest city are calling for greater police accountability following the announcement that no police officers would be indicted in the shooting of Breonna Taylor in Kentucky.

"Say her name: Breonna Taylor. Say her name: Breonna Taylor."

That was the chant of about 50 people who gathered on the steps of the Portland Police headquarters Wednesday night to voice outrage after a Kentucky grand jury decided not to bring charges against the police officers who shot and killed Breonna Taylor.

Taylor was killed while sleeping in her own home after police entered under a "no-knock" warrant to search for narcotics. None were found.

The only charges handed down in the case were for "wanton endangerment" against one officer who fired into a neighbor's home. 

Black Lives Matter protesters block traffic in Portland Wednesday night, after a grand jury's decision not to charges officers in the killing of Breonna Taylor.
Credit Caitlin Troutman / Maine Public

Protesters said the lack of accountability for Taylor's death further highlights the systemic racism that runs through police departments across the nation. Several called for continuing efforts to limit funding for Portland police, and to achieve greater racial equity throughout the city.

The protesters marched and then sat down in the street blocking traffic before disbanding. A similar protest is scheduled for Saturday outside Portland City Hall.

Caitlin Troutman contributed to this report.