Maine Senators Worried About Director Of National Intelligence Position

Jul 19, 2019

Maine’s two senators, who serve on the Senate Intelligence Committee, say they are concerned about reports that President Trump may replace Dan Coats as the Director of National Intelligence.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins says she served with Coats in the Senate, and believes it would be a mistake to move him out of his current role.

“I’m greatly concerned about the idea of Dan Coats, who is an extraordinary public servant, being pushed out or being encouraged to retire from his present position,” Collins says. “He has not hesitated to speak truth to power to say what the consensus of the intelligence community is.”

Independent Sen. Angus King, who served with Coats on the Intelligence Committee, also praises his leadership of the nation’s intelligence effort.

“It would be a mistake for the President to let somebody go who has such a serious commitment to the public interest and commitment to telling the truth,” says King.