Pingree: 'Good Riddance' To Scott Pruitt

Jul 5, 2018

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has resigned while under investigation for serval ethics violations.

Maine Rep.Chellie Pingree is happy to see him go, tweeting “good riddance.”

Pingree has been urging Pruitt to resign for months, at one point confronting him at a meeting of the House Appropriations Committee over his spending on first class air travel and a special secure phone booth in his office. She says that his policies as EPA Chief have undercut the nation’s clean air and clean water laws.

She also says she is worried that those policies will continue under acting administrator Andrew Wheeler, a former coal company lobbyist.

“Now they are going to put somebody in there just as bad as Scott Pruitt and one of the dangerous things is he probably won’t attract as much attention. People have wanted Scott Pruitt to go for a long time because you know he has had so many ethics violations,” she says.