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Mill Town: New Book by Kerri Arsenault Tells the Tale of A Hometown Supported & Destroyed By Mill

Kerri Arsenault

We speak with Maine author Kerri Arsenault about her new book, “Mill Town.” Part personal story and part investigative reporting, Arsenault documents how her childhood in a typical Maine mill town illustrates the plight of the working class, and the hazards brought on by the very entities that support these working-class families. The book examines the mixed feelings people have for places they call home.

<strong>Guests </strong>

Kerri Arsenault, author, “Mill Town: Reckoning with What Remains;” book critic, book editor at Orion magazine, and a contributing editor at The Literary Hub. Arsenault is also a mentor for PEN America’s Prison and Justice Writing Program

Richard Clapp, epidemiologist with more than 40 years experience in public health practice, teaching and consulting; emeritus professor of environmental health at Boston University School of Public Health; adjunct professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell


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