Herb Cushing


While we have all gained some measure of expertise on COVID-19, a steady stream of new research and information about the disease continues to raise more questions. What are the different ways this disease can affect the body? Do we know more about the ways it is transmitted, or about immunity? We’ll find out how scientific and medical research informs decisions regarding what makes sense regarding quarantines and re-opening.


New information and research continues to emerge regarding COVID-19. We will discuss the evolving knowledge about the disease, including: a range of different symptoms; promising treatment; testing for both the virus itself, and for antibodies to the virus; and development of a vaccine. How are medical and scientific experts seeking answers to the many unknowns of this pandemic?


We talk with an infectious disease doctor as well as Mainers who have experienced what it’s like to have COVID-19, and what the process of testing and recovery are like. We’ll also learn more about vaccines, immunity and antibody testing.


Maine Calling returns to its one-hour format, airing from 1-2 pm and rebroadcast at 7 pm. 

Along with the barrage of information that we get daily about the coronavirus pandemic, there is also a flood of misinformation. We speak with an infectious disease specialist about what's known and unknown about COVID-19--as well as the downright falsehoods that are circulating. We'll also learn about caring for someone with the disease.