Rep. Craig Hickman

Democratic National Convention / via AP

On Tuesday night, Maine state Rep. Craig Hickman cast Maine's delegate votes during the roll call at the Democratic National Convention. Rep. Hickman is African American, and - as he alluded to in his remarks - gay. And he's a small businessman, something he chose to highlight in his remarks. Rep. Hickman spoke with Maine Public's Morning Edition host Irwin Gratz.

Image from C-Span

Maine delegates at the Democratic National Convention last night cast their ballots for the party's presidential nominee, and, as expected, most - but not all - of them were for Joe Biden. "Maine casts nine votes for Bernie Sanders and 22 votes for our next president, Joe Biden," announced Democratic state Rep. Craig Hickman.

PORTLAND, Maine - For the second consecutive year, a Maine lawmaker has proposed legislation designed to combat racial profiling, by requiring all law enforcement agencies to document demographic data of the people they stop.

Caitlin Troutman / Maine Public

Spurred by the death of George Floyd and nationwide demonstrations against systemic racism and police brutality, Maine lawmakers Wednesday held a rare off-session hearing to plot reforms to the state's criminal justice system.

Kevin Bennett / Maine Public

Around the country, governors, mayors and CEOs are responding to the death of George Floyd and the massive outcry from Black Lives Matter by joining protesters, reviewing police policies and pledging to make change. 

Office of Gov. Janet Mills

Over the past week, Gov. Janet Mills has signed into law dozens of bills passed by the Maine lawmakers this session. For the two African American members of the Legislature, a pair of bills in particular stand out.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine would establish a right to food and move to end hunger by 2030 under a Democratic farmer's legislation.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Lawmakers in Maine have overwhelmingly signed off on a bill designed to make clear that production and sale of hemp-derived food products are allowable in the state.