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Maine Delegate In Spotlight At DNC As State Casts Most Of Its Ballots For Biden

Image from C-Span
Maine state Rep. Craig Hickman, of Winthrop, speaks via video at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday.

Maine delegates at the Democratic National Convention last night cast their ballots for the party's presidential nominee, and, as expected, most - but not all - of them were for Joe Biden. "Maine casts nine votes for Bernie Sanders and 22 votes for our next president, Joe Biden," announced Democratic state Rep. Craig Hickman. Hickman spoke briefly via recorded video during the DNC roll call. He said as president of an organic farm in Winthrop, he's living the American dream.

"Small businesses like ours are the backbone of rural economies across America," Hickman said. "Joe Biden has a plan to help more Americans, especially people of color, start their own businesses."

The Democratic National Convention continues Wednesday, with presumed vice presidential candidate and Joe Biden's running mate, Kamela Harris, scheduled to speak.