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What does it take to raise backyard chickens? We’ll learn about the steps and equipment involved, health and safety issues, and what benefits and challenges arise from having chickens. Fresh eggs anyone? 


This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show (May 29th original air date); no calls will be taken.

The Travis Mills Foundation and Retreat is a nonprofit organization, formed to benefit and assist wounded and injured veterans and their families. We’ll speak with Mills and program director Kelly McGaughey about the work the foundation and retreat does to inspire wounded servicemen, women and their families. They’ll discuss how they help wounded veterans realize they can overcome their physical obstacles and emotional challenges and find purpose by staying the course through their recovery and beyond. We’ll also hear about the 6th annual Miles for Mills 5K.

Maine offers a wide variety of biking opportunities: From wilderness trails to island rides to easy family paths. We'll learn about where to go, rules of the road, safety considerations, equipment and more.

Fire Safety: Preventing Summer Fire Hazards

Jul 2, 2018

With Fourth of July two days away, we check in with the Maine State Fire Marshal and a Forest Ranger Specialist to learn how to stay fire-safe this summer. We’ll discuss how high the fire danger is this summer, and how to handle fireworks safely. We’ll also get an update on the best smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and other home safety devices and measures.

Month in Review: Maine News Headlines from the Month of June

Jun 29, 2018
Maine Public


Our panel of editorial page editors returns to discuss what made Maine headlines in June. What was – and wasn’t – accomplished at the special session? What’s the reaction to ranked choice voting and the primary elections? 

Maine is home to a community of successful cartoonists, whose work has appeared in publications from The New Yorker to Mad Magazine. How do cartoonists combine art, humor and social commentary - and what do Maine cartoonists contribute to the state's identity? A new book by local cartoonists showcases the talent and humor of these artists. We'll learn what it takes to succeed as a cartoonist professionally.

Summer’s here so it’s time to break out the camping gear and head to the great outdoors. We’ll discuss the importance of camping to the Maine economy, off-the-beaten path places to check out, and safety tips for sleeping out under the stars.

You’d be forgiven for thinking beer was the only beverage home-grown in Maine. But winemakers are slowly gaining a foothold in the state. We’ll learn about the different wines of Maine and where you can find them—and how winemaking contributes to the state’s culture and economy.  

Recycling: How Well Is It Being Done?

Jun 25, 2018

China has drastically curtailed its import of recycled materials from the United States. We’ll learn about the impact of this decision on recycling programs in Maine. We’ll also learn about the right and wrong ways to recycle some everyday products.

Real Estate: What's Happening with Maine's Market?

Jun 22, 2018

For the third year in a row, Maine home sales set a record for the number of homes sold.  Home prices were up more than 5 percent across the state. The tight inventory is good for some and a challenge for others. We’ll get expert advice on approaching Maine’s real estate market and answers to questions about the value of certain home improvement projects.

This show was recorded before a live audience in Iceland; no calls will be taken.

In many ways, Iceland is like Maine – beautiful, sparsely populated, and a tourist destination.  We’ll discuss the similarities and differences between Maine and Iceland. Jennifer Rooks hosts this special program from Iceland's RÚV Studios.

Cheesemaking: Demand Grows for Maine-Made Cheese

Jun 20, 2018


There are 87 licensed cheesemakers in Maine, and likely more to come, thanks to growing demand for Maine-made cheese. Most local cheese comes from small farms that raise their own goats or cows—or get dairy from neighboring farms. We’ll learn how cheesemakers are contributing to our state's brand and economy.  

Life After Prison: Insights From Ex-Prisoners

Jun 19, 2018
Rebecca Conley / Maine Public

What happens after a person is released from prison in Maine? Are there services and support available? How does someone transition back into society? We hear from those who have made the transition, or are in the process of making it, and learn about the challenges they have faced--and what they feel is most needed.

Call Me American is Abdi Nor Iftin's memoir about fleeing war-torn Somalia. While living under Islamic extremism, he escaped through American movies and music, using them as a tool to learn English. Befriending reporters to learn the language, Abdi ended up filing stories for NPR in secret and dreaming of a life in the U.S. Eventually, through a stroke of incredible luck, he gained entrance to America through the Diversity Visa Lottery. He is now a proud and legal resident of Maine, on the path to citizenship. 

Abdi Nor Iftin lives in Portland, Maine, where he works as an interpreter for Somalis who have immigrated to the state. Abdi was accepted to the University of Southern Maine, where he will be studying political science. 

Gardening: How to Tend to Your Summer Garden

Jun 15, 2018

Our gardening experts return to share planting and early season pruning tips as well as to answer listener questions and concerns.