AUGUSTA, Maine - Two recently enacted laws help the state's burgeoning aquaculture industry and those displaced by transportation projects in Maine.
One of the laws creates a framework for all individuals growing and selling marine organisms as part of the growing field of agriculture. Most commercial aquaculturists are growing shellfish, and a state marine resources representative said aquaculturists face a very confusing licensing process.
The new law shepherded by Democratic Rep. Mick Devin creates a separate new aquaculture license.

Rockweed coats the shoreline on the Maine coast.
Sarah Redmond / University of Maine Sea Grant

For 15 years, shore-front property owners, rockweed cutters and Maine Department of Marine Resources regulators have attempted to balance the competing interests that have tended to define the state’s rockweed industry. 

Aquaculture in Maine

Jan 6, 2017

Experts assess the Maine aquaculture outlook for 2017.


Don Perkins, President of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Andrew Lively, with Cooke Aquaculture & Director of Marketing for True North Salmon

Fiona de Koning, Co-owner of Hollander & de Koning Mussels

PORTLAND, Maine - A marketing report released by a marine science institute finds that Maine's shellfish aquaculture industry is in a position to grow in value by a factor of more than four in the coming years.

Gulf of Maine Research Institute released the report on Wednesday. It states that Maine's aquaculture industry currently provides about $6.5 million in value and has the opportunity to grow to more $30 million by 2030.

Paul Dobbins of Ocean Approved shows off the kelp grown off of Bangs Island in Casco Bay.

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Follow a group of environmentalist, regulators and natural resource managers as they tour aquaculture farms along Maine’s coast.

Fred Bever / MPBN

A growing cadre of entrepreneurs think seaweed could help Maine lead a new revolution in American farming. Move over kale – there’s a new super-food on the scene.

The role of the Darling Marine Center in helping develop Maine's aquaculture.

Courtesy: Maine Aquaculture Association

BRUNSWICK, Maine - For those who dig clams along the Maine coast, their fortunes literally come and go with the tide. And lots of things can happen out on the flats to disrupt their livelihoods.

Orono, Maine - Maine's 3,500-mile coast line will become a living laboratory for scientific researchers, who will investigate how sustainable ecological aquaculture interacts with coastal communities and ecosystems.

Paul Anderson, who directs the Aquaculture Research Institute and the Maine Seagrant Programs at the University of Maine, says the research project will use various types of science to understand how aquaculture can fit into the state's multi-use working waterfronts, while also building partnerships and training students.

PENOBSCOT, Maine (AP) — Maine marine officials are holding a public meeting in Penobscot to provide information on the science of shellfish aquaculture.

  Three experts discussed the impact of aquaculture on the Maine economy and the environment. Just how much seafood in our grocery stores and restaurants comes from aquaculture?

Host Keith Shortall was joined by :

Matthew Moretti, Wild Ocean Aquaculture, LLC, Growers of Bangs Island Mussels

Sebastian Belle, Executive Director, Maine Aquaculture Association and

Dana Morse, Extension Associate, Maine Sea Grant