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Auburn School Committee To Vote On Medical Marijuana Policy

AUBURN, Maine — Auburn's school committee will vote tonight on a medical marijuana policy for the district.

A new state law requires all districts in Maine to adopt a policy on medical cannabis.

Under the Auburn rule, which was initially drafted last month, students under the age of 18 would need a prescription from a doctor for medical marijuana and doses of cannabis, in non-smoking form, would need to be a administered by a parent or guardian.

"For me, it's a safeguard to have the school policy," says Katy Grondin, Superintendent of Auburn schools. "So that all of our administrators, our families, our students understand that if they chose medical marijuana as a treatment, that this is a process that would happen if the treatment had to be given in school."

As school nurse would not be allowed to give a student his or her dose.

For example, if a parent came in and said, 'My child is being treated for seizures. They have a medical marijuana certificate. We would like to come in at 1:00 PM because due to whatever,'" Gorndin says. "Then we would arrange that to best meet the child's needs."

Grondin says that, so far, no Auburn students have asked to have medical marijuana administered to them in school.