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King Pushes Administration to Define Cyber War

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine U.S. Sen. Angus King is sponsoring legislation with South Dakota Sen. Mike Rounds to require the Obama administration to define what constitutes an act of cyber war.

"And then we will begin to begin the process of defining what our response will be," King says. "Right now it is very ambiguous."

King says you can't develop policies to deter cyber-attacks without first having defined what constitutes an attack. He says he is frustrated that after two years of discussions at meetings of both the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Armed Services Committee, the administration has not proposed a definition for a cyber act of war.

"This bill is an attempt to at least begin the process to bring some clarity to this area, and recognizing the fact that a cyber-attack can cause physical destruction, potential loss of life," King says.

Journalist Mal Leary spearheads Maine Public's news coverage of politics and government and is based at the State House.