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Party Chair: Maine Democrats 'Fired Up' After Historic Convention

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett says the state's Democrats are fired up after the Philadelphia convention, and are already campaigning hard for the fall.

Bartlett  acknowledges that there are still some hardcore Bernie Sanders supporters that are not behind Hillary Clinton's candidacy, but he hopes they will stay active in the party working on other campaigns.  

"I think we are in really good shape coming out of the convention. You can feel the momentum and support for Hillary growing over the four days," Bartlett says. "But we do always have work to do to make sure that every member of our party feels like there is a role for them and a place for them."

Bartlett says most Democrats are fired up by the speeches at the convention and Clinton's historic candidacy and are ready to do the door-to-door campaigning to win contests, from local races to the presidency.