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Libertarian Party Loses Its Status In Maine

After failing to meet the enrollment threshold outlined in Maine law, the Libertarian Party has lost its qualified party status.  That's according to the Maine Secretary of State's office.Spokeswoman Kristen Muszynsky says that means that all Maine voters who were registered as Libertarians are now listed an "unenrolled."

"In order to maintain a qualified party status you do have to have 10,000 people who are registered in your party vote in the general election," Muszynsky says, "and the Libertarian Party did not meet that threshold that's outlined in Maine law currently."

Muszynsky says at the time of the General Election in November, just over 6,000 Maine voters were enrolled as Libertarians.

She says the Libertarian Party has filed a declaration of intent to form the party again.  In order to do that, it must have at least 5,000 voters enrolled as Libertarians by Jan. 2, 2020.

Right now only three political parties are officially recognized in Maine:  Democratic, Green Independent and Republican.