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Maine Nonprofit With Undisclosed Donors Ramps Up Efforts To Unseat Collins In 2020

Julie Pike
Maine Public

A Maine group that can shield the identities of its donors is ramping up efforts to erode support for Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins ahead of her anticipated reelection bid.

Maine Momentum is a nonprofit that uses a loophole that allows social welfare organizations to target candidates as long as the advertising doesn't explicitly say whether to vote for or against them.

The group, run by two Democratic operatives, has been running TV ads highlighting Collins' support for a GOP tax bill that included a provision eliminating a key portion of the Affordable Care Act.

Documents show Maine Momentum has purchased more than $800,000 in ads through January, and the group also organized a pair of town halls designed to portray Collins as ducking her constituents.

Republicans have attacked the group, highlighting one ad that fails to back claims that the tax law will lead to cuts in entitlement programs.

GOP groups are also gearing up for a contest that could determine control of the Senate after 2020.

Originally published Aug. 21, 2019 at 12:09 a.m. ET.