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Activists Gather In Portland To Protest Kavanaugh Appointment On One-Year Anniversary

Caitlin Troutman
Maine Public
Protesters gathered at Portland City Hall Sunday listen to attorney Jackie Sartoris express her concerns about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's appointment.

Protesters gathered at Portland City Hall Sunday to recognize the one-year anniversary of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. Maine U.S. Sen. Susan Collins was a pivotal vote in Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Her decision to confirm the conservative justice drew ire from some of her constituents.Mindy Woerter is a volunteer with Planned Parenthood, and she traveled to Washington D.C. last year to speak with the senator before the vote.

“Susan Collins has had a record of, you know, saying that she supports women's rights to choose but not following through with that," Woerter said. "I think her supporting Brett Kavanaugh is a perfect example of that. And I think if we are to see the Supreme Court ultimately decide to continue to restrict abortion, abortion access, that is going to have an impact on everyone here in Maine.”

Last week, the Supreme Court said it would take on the first major abortion rights case the justices have heard since Kavanaugh’s appointment, a Louisiana case that could have major ramifications concerning reproductive health.

“So I think  the concern there, of course, is that by taking the case, the court seems to indicate that it's ready to go a different direction from the case that was just decided two years previous," said Jackie Sartoris, a Maine attorney. "They wouldn't take the case if they were actually going to let that last ruling stand.”

The Supreme Court will hear arguments in the case this winter, and a decision is likely to come by the end of June, four months before the 2020 election.