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New Portland Mayor Says She'll Establish A Collaborative Relationship With City Council

Kate Snyder Facebook
Curan, Snyder, Strimling and Thibodeau at a Neighborhood Association debate in September.

Former Portland school board member Kate Snyder will be the city's next mayor.

Snyder says she ran, in part, to establish a more collaborative relationship between the mayor's office and the City Council.

"In this case, I think it's really important to understand where the mayor sits, and how the mayor sits, and how this position is bringing value to the council's work and the community's outcome," she says.

Credit Kate Snyder Facebook
Kate Snyder Facebook
Former Portland school board member Kate Snyder will be the city's next mayor.

Snyder says she'll adhere to the mayoral job description and explicit responsibilities laid out in the city charter.

Critics of incumbent-Mayor Ethan Strimling had complained that his sometimes acrimonious relationship with the city council hindered city management. Snyder, who garnered endorsements from some city councilors during the race, says she'll pursue a more conciliatory approach.

"My first priority is making sure I'm talking with the council and meeting with individual councilors and getting on the same page with folks there about priorities for the city," she says.

Snyder says she also hopes to prioritize issues like affordable housing, transportation, and funding for public schools.

In addition to Strimling, Snyder beat out City Councilor Spencer Thibodeau and restaurant employee Travis Curan. The Mayor-elect says she expects to have a positive working relationship with Councilor Thibodeau, who has said he looks forward to working with the new Mayor.