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Mills Administration Updates COVID-19 Prevention Checklists For Businesses

Maine Public File

The Mills Administration has updated prevention checklists for several types of businesses under stage three of the state's reopening plan. Affected businesses include restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, museums and campgrounds.

Most of the updates are just a few additions or clarifications to previously released checklists.

For example, front-of-house staff in restaurants who choose to wear face shields must now wear them upside down so that they are attached at the collar instead of the forehead, so that their breath is directed up, not down.

In movie theaters, so-called household groups that do not have to adhere to distancing requirements may consist of to up to 10 people.

Campgrounds, which previously were required to limit campsites to a single household, can now allow additional overnight guests at sites if they are from Maine or a state exempted from testing and quarantine requirements.

Fitness centers have an exception to the 14 foot spacing requirement for group activities. If it is a low-intensity workout, such as yoga, participants can be six feet apart, as long as they wear face coverings.

Museums have the most updates. Among them, staff should self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before reporting to work. Visitors to exhibits, activities and bathrooms should be limited to ensure physical distancing. Staff and visitors alike are expected to wear face masks even while physically distanced because they may be in an enclosed space for a prolonged period. And museums are encouraged to use advanced registration and remote ticketing for admissions.