Environmental Groups Want Hannaford To Allow Reusable Bags Again

Jul 29, 2020

Several environmental groups are urging Hannaford to allow customers to use reusable bags.

Earlier this month, the Mills Administration updated its COVID-19 guidance for retailers to permit the use of reusable bags. But John Hite from the Conservation Law Foundation says some Hannaford locations still don't allow them.

"We feel it's time to clear through this myth that reusable bags are a threat to public health."

Hite says states such as Massachusetts and New Hampshire have also lifted their restrictions on reusable bags.

"At the time, we understood this was a measure to protect public health. But as more information came out, it's now clear that reusable bags are not a cause for concern, from a public health perspective."

Hannaford did not immediately respond to a request for comment.