Hydro-Québec: CEO Éric Martel Discusses The Power Company's Priorities and Presence in Maine

Nov 5, 2019

Credit hydroquebec.com

Éric Martel took office as president and chief executive officer of Hydro-Québec in 2015. He joins us to answer questions about Hydro Quebec’s plans to bring power to and through Maine. We’ll discuss the controversial CMP corridor and whether or not the transmission line would help the state reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the company’s green energy goals, and their involvement with the new electric vehicle charging corridor Gov. Janet Mills announced last week.


Eric Martel, president and CEO, Hydro-Quebec

Dylan Voorhees (by phone), climate and clean energy director, Natural Resources Council of Maine

Tony Buxton (by phone), Portland-based attorney

Elizabeth Caruso (by phone), chair of Caratunk select board