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The Maine Frontier: Historian Alan Taylor on the Early Years in Maine and North America


Thomas Jefferson Foundation Chair in American History at the University of Virginia and two-time Pulitzer prize winning historian Alan Taylor will be back home in Maine (he attended Bonney Eagle High School and Colby College and was born in Portland) to give two lectures in connection with the state’s bicentennial. 

We’ll discuss the Maine Bicentennial, pre-revolutionary Maine, the US/Canada frontier, and more, including his research in early North American history.  Taylor is the author of nine books, including Liberty Men and Great Proprietors: the Revolutionary Settlement on the Maine Frontier 1760-1820.

Taylor will present two lectures while he is home in Maine:

Wednesday at 5:00 pm at Stroudwater Village Church in Portland and Friday at 5:00 pm on the campus of UMaine.