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WESTBROOK, Maine - Officials say two Maine police officers were briefly hospitalized after being exposed to the dangerous synthetic opioid fentanyl while performing a traffic stop.

UNITY, Maine - Maine's rural living fair is getting started for lovers of organic agriculture, whether they're looking to learn how to raise goats or get the most out of their compost.

The Common Ground Fair begins today, so what better time than now to look at the fiber arts in Maine? Maine has a rich community of people who work in fiber arts — from people who spin wool and knit to those who paint silk or create cloth sculptures. We'll learn more about the wide range of creations that fiber artists make, the practical uses, and the contributions of fiber artists to Maine's economy and brand.

As a refugee resettlement center, Maine has welcomed waves of immigrants fleeing the dangers of their home countries. But immigration patterns have changed, and advocates say the state has an opportunity to benefit from the contributions of newcomers.

On Maine Calling on Thursday, host Jennifer Rooks spoke with Fatuma Hussein, founder of The Immigrant Resource Center of Maine, and Reza Jalali, an educator, writer and community activist.

ORONO, Maine - The University of Maine is warning students about a man who has been spotted following women around campus.

What is it like to be an immigrant in Maine – how are they received and perceived?  We'll learn about the opportunities and challenges facing those who are new to the state, and how they become part of the greater community.  We’ll also hear about a state-wide art project that addresses the theme of migration—and how it applies to our immigrant population.

RANGELEY, Maine - An airport in rural Maine is getting more than $11 million in federal funding to extend its runway and make other improvements.

Ashley L. Conti / Bangor Daily News

State officials have refused to renew a education credential for a former Westbrook lawmaker, following allegations of sexual misconduct with female students.

FALMOUTH, Maine - An estate dating back to the Gilded Age of the U.S. built off the coast of Maine has been sold for over $4 million.

SOUTHWEST HARBOR, Maine - These lobsters are going to pot in more ways than one.

PORTLAND, Maine - Other regions have heroes, Dagwoods, cheesesteaks, grinders and po' boys. But the Italian sandwich is king in Maine.

How can the arts contribute to rural community development in Maine? Some of our state's smallest and most isolated towns have found that promoting arts and cultural opportunities have brought them new life. In advance of the Maine Arts Commission's conference on this subject, we explore the role of the arts in rural development.

BANGOR, Maine - A Maine community health care center plans to convert an old Verizon Wireless call center into a pediatric center.

Robbie Feinberg / Maine Public

Many of Maine’s school buildings were built more than 50 years ago, and they need a lot of work: asbestos and lead removal, new roofs, windows and doors. But in the face of budget cuts after the Great Recession, many schools have struggled to keep up with those maintenance needs, forcing some districts to make tough choices.

PORTLAND, Maine - The last two nuns in a Portland monastery are moving out of Maine.