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Group Of Maine Lawyers Urges Collins To Reject Kavanaugh Nomination

More than 230 Maine lawyers are urging Senator Susan Collins to vote against Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court.

The group made made their plea known in a letter delivered to Collins yesterday in Washington.

Former Portland Democratic State Representative Jon Hinck and five other lawyers met with Collins. Hinck says the group is concerned about Kavanaugh's record on reproductive rights, the affordable care act, and his partisan record.

“He has been very very involved in politics in a way that does not appear to match the judicial temperament we should be looking for in the U.S. Supreme Court,” says Hinck.

The Kavanaugh hearings were upset last week after Senator Cory Booker released a number of documents previously unseen by the public.

They include an email in which Kavanaugh wrote he's not sure all legal scholars view the landmark abortion case as settled law.