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Maine Group Wants Three Controversial Issues To Be Up To The Voters

Legislation allowing public financing of abortions for poor Mainers, a measure that would allow what supporters call “death with dignity” and the repeal of exemptions to vaccine requirements could all go to the voters for their decision.

Carroll Conley, Executive Director the Maine Christian Civic League, says the group is involved with creating coalitions to circulate petitions on the first two issues.

“We are going to file, absolutely,” Conley says. “And I say we, we will be part of a group that does that within the ten days.”

A group of citizens has already filed an application for a petition to overturn changes in the vaccination laws. Conley says gathering the more than 60,000 valid signatures by the deadline of September 19 will be difficult, but not impossible. Those wanting a referendum have until July 3 to file the necessary paperwork with the Secretary of State to start the process.

“Once you get the signatures, that’s not the only thing,” Conley says. “Then you have this huge campaign and, in both of these situations, you are going to be facing very formidable opponents and very well-funded opponents as we take this to whichever in November or the primaries in June.”