Your Vote 2020

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Mainers will visit the polls Tuesday, March 3, to cast their votes in Super Tuesday's presidential primary election. Five Democrats remain in the race, but 12 will appear on the ballot.

Mainers — party-enrolled or not — will also have an opportunity to weigh in on whether personal and philosophical exemptions should be allowed for school-mandated vaccinations.


AUGUSTA, Maine — The Maine Democratic Party is kicking off remote elections for delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

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More than one-third of all eligible voters are under the age of 39, but historically, far fewer of them actually vote. In 2018, only about 36 percent voted. This year, political parties and advocacy groups are trying to get younger voters engaged through registration drives, but the restrictions of the pandemic have limited the ways in which they can operate.

Maine Encourages Absentee Voting In July Primary Election

May 26, 2020

PORTLAND, Maine — Maine’s top election official is encouraging people to vote via absentee ballot during the July primary election to limit the exposure that voters and polling workers have to the coronavirus.

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A coalition of diverse groups is launching a major lobbying effort this weekend to get Congress to provide more funds to bolster election security and make it easier to vote.

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As many states, including Maine, prepare to hold their spring — and now summer — primary elections, Congress is weighing another round of relief funding to help them pay for safety equipment and other voting expenses created by the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Maine Voting and Elections Coalition is submitting a petition to Gov. Janet Mills this week asking her to assure that the July primary is as accessible as possible.

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Municipal election officials across the state are exploring options for conducting the July primary elections without many of the poll workers that they have come to depend on. Some workers say they won’t be showing up because of concerns about the coronavirus.

Knocking on doors and meeting personally with voters has long been crucial to political campaigns in Maine. Voters often like to talk to those who want to represent them in the legislature or in Congress. But the coronavirus pandemic has changed how candidates campaign.

The campaign for the United States Senate seat held by Republican Susan Collins is set to break records for a statewide race in Maine.

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New campaign spending reports show that Eric Brakey is raising more money than the other two GOP contenders in the 2nd Congressional District primary race.

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Gov. Janet Mills says Maine will likely push back its June 9 primary election to July 14 to alleviate concerns that in-person voting could further the spread of COVID-19.

Biddeford native Ross LaJeunesse announced Thursday that he is ending his bid for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican Sen. Susan Collins.

Adrienne Bennett for Congress

There are currently three Republicans seeking their party's nomination to challenge incumbent Democrat Jared Golden in this November's 2nd District Congressional contest. As part of our Your Vote 2020 election coverage Maine Public is asking each of them about the issues that pollsters have identified as being most important to Republican voters.

Senior Political Correspondent Mal Leary spoke with Adrienne Bennett, who served as Press Secretary to former Gov. Paul LePage about health care, the opioid crisis and — of most concern to Republicans — taxes and spending:

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Watch Live: Sen. Bernie Sanders is holding a press conference as he falls farther behind former Vice President Joe Biden in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Watch his remarks live starting at 1 p.m.

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There are currently three Republicans seeking their party’s nomination to challenge incumbent U.S. Rep. Jared Golden in this November’s 2nd District Congressional contest.

As part of our Your Vote 2020 election coverage, Maine Public is asking each of them about the issues that pollsters have identified as being most important to Republican voters.