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Penobscot Valley Hospital in Lincoln has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Mental health services in Maine have been governed by a consent decree overseen by the courts since 1990. The court master that oversees implementation of the decree is preparing legislation to end it. Mal Leary reports.

Maine's independent U.S. senator says he's joining a group of Senate colleagues to call on the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease to provide an update on research into a universal flu vaccine.

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AUGUSTA, Maine - The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention is urging state residents to get vaccinated against influenza as cases of the disease are rising across the state.

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Teen birth rates in the United States have been on a steady decline, but there are still more than 200,000 babies born to teen mothers every year, including about 600 born in Maine.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Lawmakers in Maine will consider a bill designed to end non-medical exemptions from childhood vaccinations this year.

Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine is reintroducing a bill that would track mercury pollution to better protect human health and fisheries.

FALMOUTH, Maine - Three school districts across Maine say they've received reports of students diagnosed with whooping cough.

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports three people have died from the flu this season.

The state of Maine fails to provide adequate access and quality in its Children's Behavioral Health Services, according to a new report commissioned by Public Consulting Group.

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In a vast, rural state like Maine, social isolation is a part of life, especially so for seniors who are stuck in their homes because of physical and financial challenges. That isolation can lead to loneliness, which is considered by some experts a serious public health issue.

Hospital Visits For Some Maine Residents Could Become More Complicated, And Costly

Jan 7, 2019
Bill Trotter / Bangor Daily News

Visits to the hospital are never fun, and they’re rarely straightforward. But for some residents of eastern and central Maine who have a medical emergency — a broken leg, an allergic reaction, chest pain — seeking help is about to get more complicated.

Central Maine Medical Center

A federal law now requires all hospitals to list their standard charges, and Maine hospitals have begun listing prices for services online. Supporters say the law is aimed at empowering patients and ultimately driving down costs.

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Cases of tick-borne disease in Maine declined in 2018. A little more than 1300 cases of Lyme disease were reported to the Maine Center for Disease Control, as compared to more than 1800 last year.

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This December the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that it is rolling back school nutrition standards enacted under the Obama administration. USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue says the change is needed because too many schools are struggling to serve meals that meet the higher nutrition standards and are also appetizing. Cape Elizabeth High School recently dropped out of the federal lunch program for that very reason.