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  What can be done to combat obesity in Maine?

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by :

Shikha Anand, MD, MPH, Director of Strategic Alliances and Initiatives and Obesity Program Director for The National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality (NICHQ) and

Victoria Rogers, MD, FAAP, Director, Kids CO-OP, Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center

  This is the first of our "What Does It Mean" special programs - Today a discussion of What Does it Mean to be Old?

Host Keith Shortall was joined by :

Lenard W. Kaye, Director, UMaine Center on Aging

Marilyn R. Gugliucci, Director, Geriatric Education and Research, College of Osteopathic Medicine, University of New England; President, Maine Gerontological Society and  

Laurel Coleman, MD with Maine Medical Center, Dept of Geriatric Medicine

  National Cancer Survivor Day is Sunday, June 3. Take a look at the different support groups in Maine for people with cancer and their caregivers.

Host Keith Shortall was joined by :

Michele Johns, Executive Director, Cancer Community Center in South Portland

Cancer Community Center

Michael Reisman, Executive Director, Beth C. Wright Cancer Center in Ellsworth

Girl Power

May 30, 2012

  What can be done to create opportunities, develop programs, and provide services that empower girls and young women?

Host Suzanne Nance will be joined by :

Lyn Brown, developmental psychologist and education professor at Colby College

Megan Williams, president of Hardy Girls Healthy Women

Julia Bluhm, Maine middle school student who petitioned Seventeen magazine to stop photoshopping images in their magazine and

  End of life care. In Maine, the hospice movement has grown over the years, helping to address the needs of the state's older population or those with terminal illness who may not benefit from a hospital setting. 

Host Keith Shortall conducted a conversation about one of the most difficult times for patients and their families. Hospice offers people support, care and comfort during the end of life.  He Spoke with: 

David Giansiracusa (in studio), Director of Palliative Care at Maine Health,

Invest in Kids

Apr 5, 2012

  Early childhood advocates say that investing in the care and education of kids before they reach kindergarten yields big payoffs for our state’s future.

Host Irwin Gratz spoke with:

Ed Cervone, Senior Program Director and Operations Officer, Maine Development Foundation

Jim Clair, CEO Goold Health Systems, co-chair of Maine Early Learning Investment Group and (a newly formed group of high-level business leaders who support early childhood programs) 

  This is the second part of the Public Forum on the Affordable Care Act held recently in Portland. The forum provided a brief overview of the ACA, an analysis of the constitutional issues to be argued to the Supreme Court, and a discussion of the law and its impact on Mainers.

  Recently A Public Forum on the Affordable Care Act was held in Portland. The forum provided a brief overview of the ACA, an analysis of the constitutional issues to be argued to the Supreme Court, and a discussion of the law and its impact on Mainers. This is Part one of a two-part series.

  March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Understanding and treating brain injuries.  Whether the result of a concussion, car accident or fall, brain injuries can strike at any time. They discussed the latest developments helping those who have suffered a brain injury. 

Host Keith Shortall spoke with:

Dr. Mark Kiefner, Clinical Director, Goodwill Neuro-rehab,

Dr. Paul D. Berkner, D.O., FAAP, Medical Director/Team Physician, Colby College; President of the Maine Concussion Management Initiative,

  The topic discussed was Maine's critical shortage of dentists, and how a new dental school at the University of New England may help address the problem.  Also discussed were ways to overcome problems in the access to care and some of the latest trends and advances in dentistry.

Dental Care in Maine  - Jennifer Rooks spoke with:

Frances Miliano, Executive Director, Maine Dental Association

James Koelbl, Founding Dean, University of New England College of Dental Medicine, 

  McKay Jenkins, author and professor of English and Director of Journalism at the University of Delaware focused on the connections between the chemicals we are exposed to and health.

Jenkins discussed how synthetic chemicals, such as BPA, that are used in common products make their way into our bodies. In his book, What’s Gotten Into Us, he wrote a lot about Maine's "Body of Evidence" study in which 13 Maine people were tested for dozens of chemicals used in common products.

  During his "State of the State Address," Governor LePage (R) urged lawmakers to close the $220-million budget gap at the Department of Health and Human Services. Commissioner Mary Mayhew, State Senator Margaret Craven (D-Lewiston), and a panel of experts discuss.

Host Keith Shortall speaks with:

Maine Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew

State Senator Margaret Craven (D-Lewiston)

  Health Care journalist T.R. Reid spoke at the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce's Portland's Eggs & Issues series. Reid's addressed how the Health Care industry in the U.S. compares globally. Reid's appearance was sponsored by the Maine Health Management Coalition.

This talk was recorded November 10, 2011 in Portland.

  The Health Care for Maine Alliance held its 1st annual policy conference in Hallowell recently where the topic of discussion was the recently passed federal Affordable Care Act. The keynote speaker was Wendell Potter – the former top communications aide, turned whistleblower, at CIGNA - the global health Insurance and service company. He shared his thoughts on this new law.

This talk was recorded October 5, 2011 at Maple Hill Farm in Hallowell.

  The Maine Health Access Foundation recently held annual meeting with keynote speaker Alan Weil, Executive Director of the National Academy for State Health Policy. Weil is a non-partisan health policy expert and advises states on health policy issues, now focused on reform implementation.

[Audio of this program is no longer available]