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PORTLAND, Maine- The rising cost of brand name prescription drugs is outpacing the general inflation rate of 2.1 per cent. 

For years the climate has been a part of the global conversation; however, the public has gotten so used to hearing about climate change that for many, it has become an accepted issue. We know it’s happening and recognize that it’s too late to do anything to stop it, so the general population does nothing at all. That is a dangerous mindset.

Around 55 percent of the world lives in an urban area in 2018, and a United Nations study released in May estimates that will increase to around 68 percent by 2050. But the effort surrounding climate change is almost always based off of its impact on the glaciers in Antarctica or fish having to find a new habitat due to rising heat levels in the ocean. 

I'm going to say a word, and I want you to think of the first thing that comes to mind. The word? Opioids. What did you think of?

I asked this same question to a variety of different people over the summer, ranging from food stall owners to recovering addicts, all of whom I came across on the streets of Portland.

Maine Department of Transportation

Bus systems in the state of Maine, especially those in rural areas, will receive more than $5 million for a battery of improvements.

Great Northern Paper Company mill in Millinocket, Maine, 1907 / Hugh C. Leighton Company

The nonprofit community development organization Our Katahdin, in Millinocket, has been awarded $5.3 million by the federal government to make infrastructure improvements at the site of the former Great Northern Paper Mill. The money will be used to establish an industrial park to support traditional and innovative forest-products businesses and other industries to support economic recovery in the region.

Month in Review: The Top Maine Stories from September

Sep 28, 2018
Jose Luis Magana / Associated Press File

Our panel of Maine editorial page editors returns to discuss what made the headlines in Maine in September, and why.

LEBANON, Maine — Authorities in Maine are searching for the body of a skydiving instructor who became separated from his student during a tandem jump.

Officials say the instructor and his student participated in a jump around 2 p.m. Thursday near Skydive New England in Lebanon. The student called police after he landed safely and couldn’t find his instructor.

Maine environmental regulators say they intend to revoke licenses from a composting company accused of producing pollution and obstructing investigators.

Lewiston High School via Facebook

Some Maine school districts have yet to receive funding to help support homeless students due to what the Department Of Education says is a "scoring issue." The issue has delayed the application process for schools to receive thousands of dollars in federal grant funds.

PORTLAND, Maine - Maine Republican governor says his secretive Maine Wind Energy Advisory Commission will move on despite recent departures.

According to a 2016 CDC report, only 20 percent of Americans over 18 are meeting the guidelines for both aerobic and strength training. When respondents were divided by age and gender, the percentage of those exercising decreased with each increasing age group, and for every age group a smaller percentage of women were strength training than men. Strength training helps to maintain and build muscle mass as we age. We’ll learn about ways to incorporate strength training into our everyday lives.

LEWISTON, Maine - The school committee in a Maine city has voted to approve big changes to local policies about field trips in the aftermath of the drowning death of a teenage student.
The new rules are a response to the death of 13-year-old Rayan Issa. The Lewiston Middle School student drowned June 12 during a school trip to a state park.

WATERVILLE, Maine - Maine's Colby College will honor the former editor for the Denver Post who published an editorial criticizing the owners of his paper with the 2018 Lovejoy Award for courageous journalism.

Bangor’s New Digital Parking Enforcement To Begin Next Week

Sep 25, 2018
Gabor Degre / Bangor Daily News

A hybrid vehicle outfitted with mounted cameras and computer software designed to detect violations by scanning the license plates of parked cars will begin roaming downtown Bangor starting next week.

CRAB ISLAND, Maine - A Maine island once owned by Arctic explorer Robert Peary is up for sale. The Portland Press Herald reports Crab Island has been listed for $950,000.