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The Maine House of Representatives has upheld Gov. Janet Mills veto of legislation that would have allowed sports betting in Maine.

The State Senate has voted to override Gov. Janet Mills’ veto of legislation that would allow sports gambling in Maine.

Robert F. Bukaty / AP

Gov. Janet Mills has vetoed three of the 40 bills she held from the last session of the legislature. One of the vetoes targets a measure allowing sports betting in Maine, which she says raises lots of unanswered questions and believes would not generate significant revenue for the state.

Gov. Janet Mills has held 39 bills for further consideration - ranging from sales tax exemptions to a measure allowing sports betting in Maine.

Sports Betting, Opioid Fee Bills In Limbo In Maine

Jul 3, 2019

AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine Gov. Janet Mills declined to act on legislation to allow sports betting and nearly 40 other bills passed by lawmakers in the final days of the legislative session.

Maine has moved closer to joining the dozen or so states that have legalized gambling on athletic events.

About one year ago the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a law that banned betting on sporting events, which prompted several states to pass laws that regulate and tax the industry. Now Maine is considering five separate bills to allow sports betting.

Steven Senne / Associated Press

The Maine Legislature is considering several proposals that would expand betting on live sporting events, including the Super Bowl.