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PORTLAND, Maine - The Maine State Archives and Library would like to make its trove of documents available for internet searching. But there's a problem:  Much of the oldest material in its collection is hand-written - letters, diaries, even flyers. In order to make that searchable, someone has to transcribe that content word by word. And, as Irwin Gratz reports, that someone could be you.

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Think about the huge stone buildings of France — Notre Dame, or the huge medieval castles. That stone had to come from somewhere, right? In fact, it came from huge underground quarries, some under what would become the battlefields of World War I.

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It’s well known among Maine art lovers that the iconic Andrew Wyeth painting “Christina’s World” is a portrayal of a real woman – Christina Olson – and her real house, in rural Cushing, Maine.

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Unless you’re a hermit yourself, there’s a good chance you know about Chris Knight, better known as the North Pond Hermit. Knight lived alone in the woods in the Belgrade Lakes area for 27 years, stealing the necessities of life from camps before he was discovered and arrested in 2013.

PORTLAND, Maine - The Children's Museum and Theatre of Maine is moving from downtown Portland to a growing development on the Fore River.
Museum executive director Suzanne Olson says the museum is "bursting at the seams'' at its current location on busy Free Street.
She says the museum's board and staff agree it's time to relocate to a space that is built specifically for the facility.
The museum will be moving to Thompson's Point, which is a development that includes a skating rink, restaurants, breweries and other businesses.

PORTLAND, Maine - The Portland Symphony Orchestra is getting serious about finding a replacement for Music Director Robert Moody, who's entering his 10th and final season.
The Board of Directors says four finalists are each going to get a crack at conducting in the coming season.

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The new film “Best and Most Beautiful Things” tells the story of Michelle Smith, a young woman who is legally blind and on the autism spectrum. It’s a story about the obstacles Michelle faces because of her disability, but it’s not a story about her disability. Instead, it’s a look at a woman searching for independence and finding it, to a great extent, online.

Dahlov Ipcar, Renowned Maine Artist, Dies at 99

Feb 14, 2017
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GEORGETOWN, Maine — Renowned Maine artist Dahlov Ipcar has died, her sons, Charles Ipcar of Richmond and Robert Ipcar of Brooklyn, New York, said in a statement Saturday afternoon on behalf of her family.

Ipcar was 99 years old when she died Friday, her sons said.

“Dahlov spent the morning as usual at her easel working on her latest painting; she fielded a few calls with her son, Bob, pertaining to a sit-down interview for a publication and worked with her son, Charlie, on a number of projects related to her upcoming exhibits,” they said.

AUGUSTA, Maine - A number of buildings in the downtown area of Maine's capital city have been added to the National Register of Historic Places.
The Kennebec Journal reports the designation opens up access to state and federal historic preservation tax credits that could pay for as much as 45 percent of renovation costs for eligible projects.
Developers renovating any one of the 51 buildings designated as "contributing'' will be eligible for tax credits.

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The Colby College Museum of Art in Waterville is getting a very big gift — a donation from Peter and Paula Lunder worth more than $100 million.

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"The world must be made safe for democracy."  With those words, President Woodrow Wilson committed Maine, and the rest of the country, to fight in World War I.  It was April 2, 1917.   To mark the coming centennial, the Maine Historical Society opens a new exhibit in Portland today.

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BIDDEFORD, Maine - A neon marquee from the legendary Los Angeles rock club Whisky a Go Go is going, going, gone.
The 13-foot-long sign with bright pink letters sold at auction for $48,300 Wednesday night in Maine.
Saco River Auction Co. acquired the unusual piece of rock 'n' roll history from a storage unit where it was collecting dust. Auctioneer Troy Thibodeau says the buyer didn't want to be identified.

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Family stories are complicated, as we all know. People don’t talk about things, and when they do, their perceptions of facts – actual facts – are wildly different.

Pulitzer-Prize winning novelist Michael Chabon is a part-time Blue Hill resident. In his latest novel, “Moonglow,” the author explores this idea as he tells a story about his grandfather — or the grandfather of a fictionalized version of himself. Talking with him on his deathbed, Chabon finds out a lot about his grandparents he hadn’t known, much of it both surprising and incredibly dark.

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Most of us take fonts for granted, as used for typefaces such as Times New Roman, Calibri Light or Arial Bold. But they can be pretty revolutionary: Hundreds of years ago the design of standardized fonts paved the way for the proliferation of printed material and, much more recently, eased the exchange of emails, text messages and the whole world of digital reading.

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BRUNSWICK, Maine - A Maine college is set to unveil a rare photograph of President Abraham Lincoln's inauguration from 1861.
The Bowdoin College Museum of Art in Brunswick acquired the photo at auction in October and will unveil it Thursday.
It's the first inauguration to be captured by photographers, and took place just six weeks before the start of the Civil War.