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Camden-based author Tess Gerritsen is best known for mystery novels, including a string of books that inspired the TV series “Rizzoli and Isles.” She is now branching out into film, or as she proudly describes it, low-budget horror.

The author of the popular philosophy book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” died Monday at his home in South Berwick. Robert Pirsig was 88.

Before Robert Pirsig got the idea for a book, he got the idea for a title. In a BBC interview from 2012, Pirsig said inspiration came to him while he was riding a motorcycle with a friend.

PORTLAND, Maine - A Maine poet says she hasn't read much about dementia in poetry but she's changing that with a heartfelt poem dedicated to her husband.
Lee Sharkey's "Letter to Al,'' tells of her experience with her husband's memory loss. The Portland Press Herald reports that it's a finalist in an international poetry contest.

LEWISTON, Maine - Best-selling author Tess Gerritsen is springing onto the big screen with a low-budget horror film based on a Maine island.

"Island Zero'' will be screened Saturday at the Emerge Film Festival.

The Sun Journal reports that the movie is about what happens to residents of a Maine island when the ferry stops coming. Much of the filming took place in March 2016 in Camden, Rockport and Islesboro with a mostly Maine crew.

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Students of theater, music, and art at the University of Southern Maine may share similar areas of creative interest, but they tend to focus on their own media. In the past few months, that’s changed.

BRUNSWICK, Maine - A Bowdoin College professor's book about her abusive father who had sex reassignment surgery at 76 nearly won her a second Pulitzer Prize.
Susan Faludi's "In the Darkroom'' was one of three nominees in the autobiography category that was won by Hisham Matar, author of "The Return: Fathers, Sons and the Land in Between.'' The prize was announced Monday.
Faludi teaches in the Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies program at Bowdoin College.

When Maine author Ron Currie started working on his new novel a few years ago, he couldn’t have known how timely it would be when it came out in the spring of 2017. In an era when absolute truths seem increasingly difficult to grasp, “The One-Eyed Man” concerns K., an average guy who loses his wife to cancer.

After a review that included a public meeting, the Portland Water District Board of Trustees has decided that a wall near the East End Wastewater Treatment Facility will continue to be available for public art.

There were calls to end the practice in September, when a depiction of Gov. Paul LePage as a KKK grand wizard, and later with Mickey Mouse ears, appeared on the wall.

Water District spokeswoman Michelle Clements says more than 50 people attended the public meeting.

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Every year Francophonie Week in Maine recognizes French heritage and culture with a series of films, discussions and musical performances around the state.

PORTLAND, Maine - The Maine State Archives and Library would like to make its trove of documents available for internet searching. But there's a problem:  Much of the oldest material in its collection is hand-written - letters, diaries, even flyers. In order to make that searchable, someone has to transcribe that content word by word. And, as Irwin Gratz reports, that someone could be you.

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Think about the huge stone buildings of France — Notre Dame, or the huge medieval castles. That stone had to come from somewhere, right? In fact, it came from huge underground quarries, some under what would become the battlefields of World War I.

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It’s well known among Maine art lovers that the iconic Andrew Wyeth painting “Christina’s World” is a portrayal of a real woman – Christina Olson – and her real house, in rural Cushing, Maine.

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Unless you’re a hermit yourself, there’s a good chance you know about Chris Knight, better known as the North Pond Hermit. Knight lived alone in the woods in the Belgrade Lakes area for 27 years, stealing the necessities of life from camps before he was discovered and arrested in 2013.

PORTLAND, Maine - The Children's Museum and Theatre of Maine is moving from downtown Portland to a growing development on the Fore River.
Museum executive director Suzanne Olson says the museum is "bursting at the seams'' at its current location on busy Free Street.
She says the museum's board and staff agree it's time to relocate to a space that is built specifically for the facility.
The museum will be moving to Thompson's Point, which is a development that includes a skating rink, restaurants, breweries and other businesses.

PORTLAND, Maine - The Portland Symphony Orchestra is getting serious about finding a replacement for Music Director Robert Moody, who's entering his 10th and final season.
The Board of Directors says four finalists are each going to get a crack at conducting in the coming season.